DIY – Hanging Floral Arrangement with Evergreen Twigs, Silky Pine Twigs and Eucalyptus Fruits

Today, I guide you how you can make a beautiful hanging floral arrangement for Christmas.


Here, you see which tools I used to make the floral arrangement. The gardening scissors are required to cut the evergreen twigs to the right length. The hot glue gun is used for the stars and twine.

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These are the materials that I used: evergreen twigs, silky pine twigs, eucalyptus fruits, green floral wire, twine, ribbon, three Christmas pendants (diamond shaped) and three styrofoam stars.

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Step 1: Cut the twigs

The first step is to cut the evergreen, silky pine, and eucalyptus twigs to the right length. I varied the length of each twig as you can see on the following picture:

Step 2: Wrapping wire around the twigs

Next, arrange the twigs as you like most. Then, use the floral wire to wrap it around the arrangement. The green color of the floral wire makes it almost invisible.

Step 3: Decorative Christmas pendants

Now, the pendants are thread onto the twine. Each pendant is threaded onto a different twine. For my floral arrangement, the three twines are of different length.

Step 4: Make a string with stars

Next, a string with stars is made. For this step, I use twine and glue the stars onto the twine. A simple hot glue gun works perfect here. The result looks like this:

Step 5: Add the twines with Christmas pendants and stars to the arrangement

Now, the twines with Christmas pendants and styrofoam stars are added to the floral arrangement. I used some additional twine which I wrapped around the arrangement. Then, I threaded all the other twines onto the additional twine:

If the previous steps are completed, the floral arrangement should look like this:

You can hide the brown twines under the twigs in order to conceal them a little bit.

Step 6: Bring on the decorative ribbon

The final step is to bring the ribbon on the floral arrangement. The ribbon will also conceal the twine.

Now you are done! It’s time to hang up the Christmas floral arrangement.



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