DIY | Monogram flower arrangement with floral foam and dried flowers in picture frame

Monogramm mit Trockenblumen im Bilderrahmen

Today I’ll show you how to create a pretty monogram flower arrangement with dried flowers in a picture frame. You can use the monogram to decorate walls. Another possibility is to make the monogram with the of bride and groom and place it on a weeding table.
The base element of the monogram is dry floral foam. If you have never worked before with dry floral foam, have a look at my FAQ.


Here you can see what tools I used for the monogram. You will need a set square, household scissors, a knife, flower scissors and a hot glue gun with hot glue sticks.

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Set square*
Household scissors*
Flower scissors*
I use the Japanese flower scissors  Okatsune 304*
Hot glue gun*
Hot glue sticks*


These are the materials I used for the DIY: a picture frame, dry floral foam, a wide white lace ribbon and a narrow pink velvet ribbon. In addition, I used the following dried flowers: pink roses, white and pink baby’s breath, limonium, pink hydrangea flowers, eucalyptus leaves and eucalyptus fruits.

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Picture frame*
Dry floral foam*
White lace ribbon (wide)*
Pink velvet ribbon (narrow)*
Pink roses*
White baby’s breath*
Pink baby’s breath*
Pink hydrangea flowers*
eucalyptus leaves*
eucalyptus fruits*


Step 1: Prepare picture frame

The first step is to take the picture frame apart. I do not use the glass pane.

Step 2: Cutting out letter from dry floral foam

The second step is to cut out the desired letter from the dry floral foam. I use a knife for cutting and a set square for measuring and cutting help. You can also use a template for the letter, for example, from cardboard. I use the triangle for measuring and for cutting straight.

Make sure that the monogram fits well in the picture frame in terms of size. Also make sure that the edges are straight. My letter “L” is about 3 to 4 cm thick. You can also use the width of the white lace ribbon as a guide.

Step 3: Prepare ribbons

Now the ribbons are cut. To find out the right length, I put the ribbon completely around the letter and then cut.

Step 4: Glue ribbons

Now the ribbons can be attached to the dry floral foam with hot glue. I start with the wide white lace ribbon and glue side by side. The ribbon can overlap a little at the top. You have to be quick when working with hot glue, as it sets within a few seconds.

Then I glue the pink ribbon with hot glue at the very bottom of the white lace ribbon. In order that the ribbons stick well in the corners, you can press them in a little with the scissors.

Step 5: Dry flowers

The next step is to cut the dried flowers. I use flower scissors for this and cut the stems relatively short.

Step 6: Put the flowers in the floral foam

Now the dried flowers can be inserted into the floral foam. I do this very carefully, because the flowers are sometimes very fragile.

Step 7: Put the monogram in picture frame

The last step is to glue the monogram into the picture frame. I use hot glue and glue the letter carefully. Now you just have to assemble the picture frame and the monogram with dried flowers is ready!

I hope you enjoyed making this DIY as much as I did and also enjoy the look of the monogram flower arrangement with dried flowers!



Hi, I'm Jenny! I love flowers and easy DIY ideas. If you like my DIYs, have a look at my pins on Pinterest!

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