DIY | Candle Holder with Rosemary Wreath

Today, I show you how you can decorate a candler holder by making a rosemary wreath. Moreover, the rosemary wreath adds a pleasant scent to your scenery.


Here, you see which tools I used to make the rosemary wreath. You need a hot glue gun with hot glue sticks, gardening scissors, and normal scissors.

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Gardening scissors*
On the picture, you can see the Japanese gardening scissors Okatsune 103*
Hot glue gun*
Hot glue sticks*


I used these materials: A candle and candle holder. And rosemary twigs, thread, thick floral wire, thin floral wire and a little star.

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Candle holder*
Rosemary twigs*
Floral wire (green, thick)*
Floral wire (green, thin)*
Star (as decorative element)*


Step 1: Make a ring out of floral wire

First, start to make a ring out of the thick floral wire. Normally, you can use a normal scissor to cut the floral wire. It is important that you wrap some wire multiple times around the ring at one quarter of the ring. This adds some stability and will hold everything in place. The following image shows hot the ring should look like:

Step 2: Make bunches of rosemary twigs

The next step is to make a few bunches of rosemary twigs. Cut some rosemary twigs to the right length with the gardening scissors. The length depends on the length of the candle holder and your ring. For my candle holder, a length of a few centimeters was sufficient.

Next, use the thin floral wire to make some bunches of rosemary twigs. Just wrap around the floral wire around one, two or three rosemary twigs. For my ring, I needed about six bunches:

Step 3: Make a rosemary wreath

Then, add the rosemary bunches to the ring. Just take the thin floral wire and wrap it around a rosemary bunch and the ring. Add all bunches to the ring. At the end, you should have a nice wreath:

Step 4: Tie the wrath to the candle holder

Now, wrap around some thread around the wreath. Use the remaining thread to tie the wreath to the candle holder.

Step 5: Add the decorative star

The last step is to use the hot glue gun to glue the star onto the thread of the rosemary wreath. The result should look like this:

Perfect! The candle holder with rosemary wreath is finished. Now, you have a nice decoration element for you candle holder and, in addition, a pleasant scent when you come close to it.



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