DIY | Upcycling: Vintage vase from empty smoothie bottle with coffee filter

Upcycling_DIY: Vintage Vase aus leerer Smoothie-Flasche, Kaffeefilter, Spitzenband und Juteschnur

Do you have a few empty bottles left? In my “could-be-used” drawer, I have accumulated some thanks to our smoothie love :). Today I’m show you an upcycling idea about how to turn an empty smoothie bottle into a pretty vintage vase. We create the vintage style by a piece of coffee filter, lace ribbon and jute twine.

If your bottle is labeled, I have a super trick to remove the writing for you: vinegar! With the following step by step instructions, the vintage vase can be easily made from an empty smoothie bottle with coffee filter!


Here you can see what tools I used for the vintage vase: You need a pair of household scissors to cut the ribbons and a bowl for the vinegar bath.

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These are the materials that I used for the upcycling idea: an empty smoothie bottle (I have made the experience that the writing can not be removed from all manufacturers with vinegar, with transparent true fruits bottles it has always worked for me), vinegar essence and a kitchen towel to remove the writing. In addition, a brown coffee filter, a white lace ribbon and jute twine.

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Tutorial | Vintage vase from empty smoothie bottle with coffee filter

Step 1: Remove writing from smoothie bottle

The first step is to remove the labeling from the bottle. You have to allow some time for this, this step takes about one to two hours.

I use vinegar essence to remove the labeling, which I dilute with water in an acid-resistant bowl according to package instructions. Of course, you can also use ready-to-use conventional vinegar!

Then I put the bottle in the vinegar bath and wait until the writing can be wiped away.

Afterwards, I simply wipe the bottle with a kitchen towel, wash it briefly with water and dry it.

Step 2: Prepare coffee filter

The second step is to take apart the coffee filter.

I tear off a broad piece.

To find out the right length, I put the piece of coffee filter around the bottle and then tear off.

Step 3: Cut lace ribbon and jute string

Now cut a piece of lace ribbon (same length as the piece of coffee filter).

Two long pieces of the jute string are needed, because the bottle is wrapped with it several times.

Step 4: Decorate bottle

First, I wrap the neck of the bottle several times with a piece of long jute string and knot the ends.

Then the “layering work” starts: First I put the coffee filter around the belly of the bottle, then I put the lace ribbon around the coffee filter.

Then I put the other piece of jute string in the middle over it, wrap it all around several times and close with a bow.

And ready is vase in vintage style! I hope this upcycling DIY has made you as much fun as me and you like the sight of the bottle decoration!



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