DIY | Candle Holder made out of Cookie Cutter, Moss and Crochet Ribbon

This article teaches how to make a candle holder out of a cookie cutter, some moss and a crochet ribbon.


This DIY project is rather simple. You need only a pair of scissors.

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Here, you see which materials I used: a star-shaped cookie cutter, a small candle holder, a candle, self-adhesive crochet ribbon and some moss.

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star-shaped cookie cutter*
Small candle holder*
Self-adhesive crochet ribbon*


Step 1: Combine the cookie cutter with the crochet ribbon

The first step is to bring on the (self-adhesive) crochet ribbon on the cookie cutter. If you have self-adhesive ribbon, this becomes very beneficial. If note, you could also use a hot glue gun to bring on the ribbon.

Step 2: Add a candle

In order that the candle fits into the cookie cutter, you require a small candle holder that fits perfectly into the cookie cutter.

Step 3: Add some moss

You are almost done. Add some moss into the free space of the cookie cutter. Take care that the moss does not catch fire, if the candle is lit.

And that’s it. I hope you did enjoy this little DIY project.



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