DIY | Amaryllis in Wintry Bundt Pan

Recently, I found a rusty Bundt pan. I asked myself, what could I do with the rusty pan? Of course, let’s use it as plant pot. This DIY tutorial shows how to make a nice plant pot for an Amaryllis in combination with roses and carnations.


These are the tools for spicing up the Bundt pot: Gardening scissors, gardening pruners, knife, scissors, hot glue gun, hot glue sticks.

ToolSearch on…
Gardening scissors*
I use the Japanese gardening scissors Okatsune 304*
Gardening Pruners*
I use the Japanese gardening pruners Okatsune 103*
Hot glue gun*
Hot glue sticks*


These are the materials that I used for my Bundt pan DIY: Bundt pan, vase, floral foam, Amaryllis, roses, carnations, evergreen twigs, moss, fairy lights and ribbon.

MaterialSearch on…
Bundt pan*
Small vase*
Floral foam*
Here, I use big-mosy floral foam*
Roses (red)*
Carnations (red)*
Evergreen twigs*
LED Fairy lights*
Ribbon (satin)*


Step 1: Insert Vase into Bundt pan

The first step is to insert the vase into the bundt pan. For my bundt pan, an empty smoothie bottle (glass) did perfectly fit.

Step 2: Preparation of the floral foam

The next step is to cut some the floral foam. The foam must fit into the Bundt pan.

Step 3: Watering the floral foam

Now, you can water the floral foam. Just use a bowl, a sink, or something else. The floral foam must be fully soaked with water. Normally, this takes a few minutes.

Next, you can again insert the floral foam into the Bundt pan. In case you want to re-use your Bundt pan for baking, you could place some plastic wrap between the foam and the pan.

Step 4: Cut the Flowers to the right length

Use the gardening scissors to cut the flower to the right length. The Amaryllis must fit into the vase. The roses and carnations should have a length of about 4cm.

Step 5: Cut the Evergreen Twigs to the right length

The same applies to the evergreen twigs. They should also have a length of about 4cm.

Step 6: Insert Flowers into the Floral Foam

Next, insert the Amaryllis into the vase. Moreover, insert the flowers (roses and carnations) into the floral foam. You can arrange the flowers as you want. Leave some space for the evergreen twigs!

Step 7: Add some Evergreen Twigs

Next, add some evergreen twigs to the Bundt pan. Again, leave some space for the moss and pinecones.

Step 8: Add moss and pinecones

Add moss and pinecones to the remaining space.

Step 9: Add a Ribbon

Add a ribbon to the Bundt pan. I used some hot glue to make it stick firmly to the Bundt pan.

Step 10: Fairy Lights

Almost done! To make it look more interesting, I added a fairy light to the Bundt pan. My fairy light has a super tiny battery box, so I could easily hide it behind some flowers.

And you’re done! I hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial!



Hi, I'm Jenny! I love flowers and easy DIY ideas. If you like my DIYs, have a look at my pins on Pinterest!

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