DIY | Spring Decoration: flower arrangement with snowdrops and loofah cucumber

Frühlingsgesteck mit Luffa Gurke als Steckhilfe

Today I’ll show you how to create a white and green spring floral arrangement with a vine wreath on a decorative bowl! For the spring decoration, I use snowdrops, white carnations, eucalyptus fruits and a loofah cucumber. You can easily make this DIY idea yourself!

Loofah cucumber

Dried loofah/luffa cucumber

Before we start with the DIY, a few brief facts about loofah cucumber. The loofah cucumber belongs to the cucurbit family and is mainly grown in tropical countries. It has many uses besides being a vegetable: e.g. being a loofah sponge for skin care, a dishwashing sponge, a loofah soap, or an decoration element in dried flower arrangements.

In this DIY, I want to use the loofah cucumber as a natural floral foam alternative. The flowers are simply put through the holes of the loofah cucumber and hold the flower stems in place. If you’re looking for more sustainable and eco-friendly floral foam alternatives, feel free to have a look at my blog post: Sustainable floristry | My experiences with alternatives to floral foam.


I use the following tools for the flower arrangement: flower shears, pruners and a knife.

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Flower shears*
I use the Japanese flower shears Okatsune 304*
I use the Japanese pruners Okatsune 103*


These are the materials I used for the spring decoration: a small vine wreath (mine was about 15 cm in diameter), a white decorative bowl, a small glass vase and the following natural materials: moss, snowdrops, white carnations, willow catkins, eucalyptus fruits and a dried loofah cucumber.

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Vine wreath*
White decorative bowl*
Glass vase*
White carnations*
Willow catkins*
Eucalyptus fruits*
Loofah cucumber*


Step 1: Prepare decorative bowl

The first step is to prepare the white decorative bowl for the flower arrangement. To do this, I put the wreath of vines on the bowl.

Then, I place the small glass vase in the center of the wreath.

The glass vase is filled with water.

Step 2: Put moss on vine wreath

The next step is to put the moss on the surface of the vine wreath.

Step 3: Prepare loofah cucumber

Now cut a slice from the loofah cucumber. I use a knife for this.

I put the loofah slice on the glass vase.

In my case, it happened that the loofah fit exactly into the opening.

Step 4: Cut the flowers

The next step is to cut the snowdrops and white carnations. I use flower shears for this and cut the stems to different lengths.

Step 5: Cut eucalyptus

I now use the pruners to cut the branches of the willow catkins and the eucalyptus fruit to different lengths.

Step 6: Insert branches in loofah cucumber

Now the branches are inserted into the holes of the loofah cucumber. I start with the eucalyptus fruits.

After that, I put the willow catkins into the loofah cucumber.

Step 7: Insert flowers in loofah cucumber

Now, the flowers are put through the holes of the loofah cucumber. I start with the white carnations.

After that, I still put the snowdrops.

And ready is the spring arrangement with snowdrops and loofah cucumber! The loofah cucumber proved itself to be an excellent alternative to conventional floral foam. I hope you enjoy the sight of spring decoration!



Hi, I'm Jenny! I love flowers and easy DIY ideas. If you like my DIYs, have a look at my pins on Pinterest!

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