Stehenden Metallring weihnachtlich dekorieren

Standing metal hoops with plates are very changeable decorative pieces. You can decorate them with all kinds of decorative elements, such as photos or flowers. As a result, they can be simply decorated for any season, including birthdays and weddings. In this article, I’ll show you how you can decorate them for the Christmas and Winter season.

For the Christmas season, I decorate the standing metal hoop with Arizona cypress, hare’s tail grass, a pretty little angel figurine and Christmas ornaments. The Christmas decoration succeeds thereby quite easily with the so-called “clamp trick”! To attach the plants to the hoop, I use golden clips.


Here you can see what tools I used for the Christmas hoop. You need a pair of flower scissors and a pair of household scissors

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Flower scissors*
I use the Japanese flower scissors Okatsune 304*
Houshold scissors*


I used these materials for the standing Christmas hoop: a metal hoop with base plate, six gold clamps, Arizona cypress, dried hare’s tail grass (Lagurus ovatus) in pink and purple, Christmas ornaments, a little angel figurine, decorative ribbon with stars, and gold thin string to hang the Christmas tree tags.

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Metal hoop with base plate*
Golden clamps*
Arizona cypress*
Dried hare’s tail grass*
Christmas ornaments*
Angel figurine*
Decorative ribbon with stars*
Golden string*

Guide | Decorate Metal Hoop for Christmas

Step 1: Cut Arizona cypress

In the first step, I cut branches of cypress. I use my flower scissors for this purpose.

I make sure that the branches are not too thick so that the clamps can hold them well later.

Step 2: Cut hare’s tail grass

In the second step, I cut the hare’s-tail grass with the flower scissors.

I cut the stems relatively short.

Step 3: Clamp plants to the hoop

Now the clamps come into play!

I take a branch of cypress and place a few tufts of hare’s-tail grass on it.

Then I put the bundle at the bottom of the ring and put a clamp on it.

I then place the next bundle over this one and clamp it down again.

I pay attention to where I put the clamps. Because later the Christmas ornaments are attached to the clamps.

When I get to the center of the ring, I turn the bundles the other way and clamp them again.

Step 4: Attach golden string to Christmas ornaments

Now I cut small pieces of string. I make sure that the pieces are of different lengths.

I tie the strings to the Christmas ornaments.

Step 5: Attach decorative ribbon to the hoop

In the middle of the metal hoop I knot a piece of the decorative ribbon with stars.

Step 6: Attach Christmas tree ornaments to hoop

Now the Christmas ornaments can simply be hung on the clamps!

And the Christmas decoration hoop is ready! I hope this DIY has made you as much fun as me and you enjoy the sight of Christmas decoration!

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