DIY | Flower Arrangement with Flower Frog in Pastel Colors

Blumengesteck mit Blumenigel

Today I show you how to create a pretty flower arrangement with the help of a flower frog, also called pin frog or Kenzan. The pastel-colored hyacinths in light purple and the tulips in light pink are combined with various branches. Stones are places around the flower frog in the water.

I use the flower frog as a plugging aid, the plant stems are simply put on the spikes made of small nails. For a long time, the flower frog has been used in the Japanese art of flower arranging (Ikebana), especially in the Ikebana style Moribana, where often bowls filled with water are used as a basis.

With the following step-by-step tutorial you can easily make the flower arrangement with flower frog yourself!


Here you can see what tools I used for the flower arrangement. You need a pair of flower shears to cut the hyacinths and tulips. In addition, you need a pair of pruners to shorten the branches.

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Flower shears*
I use the Japanese flower shears Okatsune 304*
I use the Japanese flower pruners Okatsune 103*


I used these materials for the flower arrangement : a round flower frog, a glass bowl, different sized stones, hyacinths in light purple, tulips in light pink, cherry twigs, larch twigs and blueberry twigs.

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Flower frog*
Glass bowl*
Hyacinths in light purple*
Tulips in light pink*
Cherry twigs*
Larch twigs*
Blueberry twigs*

Guide – flower arrangement with flower frog in pastel tones:

Step 1: Prepare glass bowl

The first step is to place the flower frog in the center of the bowl.

Step 2: Cut flowers

The second step is to cut the flowers. I use the flower shears to shorten the stems of the hyacinths and tulips to different lengths.

Step 3: Cut branches

The third step is to cut the cherry branches, larch branches and blueberry branches with pruners. Here, too, I cut different lengths.

Step 4: Put flowers and branches in the flower frog

Now the plant stems are put on the spikes of the flower frog. I start with the cherry branches and distribute them evenly.

This is followed by the hyacinths.

Now I put in a few branches of larch.

Then follow the tulips.

Finally, I fill the gaps with blueberry herbs. If the stems are too narrow for the spikes, you can also simply clamp them between the existing stems and spikes.

Step 5: Put stones in the glass bowl

The fifth step is to put the stones in the glass bowl. I use stones of different sizes.

Step 6: Fill glass bowl with water

The last step is to add water to the glass bowl.

And ready is the flower arrangement in pastel tones! I hope this DIY has made you as much fun as me and you like the sight of the flower arrangement!

If you are looking for another DIY with a flower frog / Kenzan, feel free to check here: DIY | Alternative to Floral Foam – Flower Arrangement with Pin Frog (Kenzan).



Hi, I'm Jenny! I love flowers and easy DIY ideas. If you like my DIYs, have a look at my pins on Pinterest!

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