Mooskranz selber machen

Today I will show you how to make a moss wreath yourself! A moss wreath is a great decoration that can be decorated with different accessories all year round. I like to tie a moss wreath as a base to decorate it with stars for Christmas or eggs and bunnies for Easter. Or, like here, completely neutral with pearls and gypsophila! It can be used as front door wreath, wall decoration or as a wreath with a candle in the center: You can decorate the moss wreath in many different ways to match the seasons inside and out!

As with my last wreath DIY, I use a plastic lid from a large yoghurt as the wreath basis. I like to use these plastic lids for wreaths because I love upcycling and the lids are simply practical for handicrafts. The shape fits, they are easy to cut and are weatherproof. I decorate the moss wreath with pearls and gypsophila. You can use the gypsophila fresh, it will dry up great over time and you will enjoy the moss wreath for a very long time!

With the following step-by-step instructions you can easily make the moss wreath yourself!


Here you can see which tools I used for the wreath. You will need flower scissors to trim the gypsophila, small scissors to trim the plastic lid (this works better than regular scissors), and scissors to trim the craft wire.

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Flower scissors*
I use the Japanese flower scissors Okatsune 304*
Small scissors*


I used these materials for the moss wreath: moss (from our garden, you can also buy it), a large plastic lid, white pearls, craft wire and gypsophila.

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Plastic lid*
White pearls*
Craft wire*

Instructions | Make your own moss wreath

Step 1: Cut the plastic lid

In the first step I cut the plastic lid.

This works best with the small scissors. I poke it into the lid and cut out a circle so that only the edge of the lid remains.

Step 2: Attach moss

We need craft wire and moss to tie the wreath.

I wrap the craft wire around the plastic ring and twist it. I let the beginning of the wire protrude a little so that I can twist the end with it later.

Now I put some moss on the ring and wrap the floral wire tightly around it several times.

Then I put a piece of moss next to it and wrap it again.

I continue like this until the ring is completely covered with moss. I twist the end of the wire on the back with the starting piece and then cut the wire.

Step 3: Attach the pearls

Now we can decorate the moss wreath with the white beads.

For this I tinker a pearl necklace with the craft wire and the white pearls.

I thread a pearl onto a long piece of wire.

Then I kink the wire at the pearl and twist it so the pearl is tight.

I thread the pearls onto the wire with some spacing this way.

Here you can see a piece of my pearls on the wire:

Step 4: Attach the pearls

Now I attach the string of pearls to the moss wreath.

To do this, I tuck the beginning of the pearl wire under a piece of wire on the back and twist it.

Then I just wrap the pearl string around the wreath.

I wrap the end of the pearl string tightly on the back again.

Step 5: Insert gypsophila

In the next step I cut off small pieces of gypsophila.

I use my flower scissors for this.

Now I simply insert the gypsophila stems into the wire so that the wreath is evenly decorated with them.

And the moss wreath with pearls and gypsophila is ready! I hope you enjoyed this DIY as much as I did and enjoy looking at the green and white moss decoration!

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