DIY | Vase Decoration with Tulips

Tulpen in der Vase dekorieren

Especially during the dreary winter days at the beginning of the year, I get a lot of joy from a few bright splashes of color and beautiful flowers. Today I’ll show you how to make a vase decoration with tulips! Since tulips have quite flexible stems, they can be easily arranged in a spherical vase. You can adjust them to the round shape and so fill the inside of the vase. And if you add a few branched branches, they serve as a natural support for further tulips. A wreath of vines completes the table decoration.

With the following step-by-step instructions you can easily make the decoration yourself!


Here you can see which tools I used for the tulips and vase decoration. You only need flower scissors to cut the tulips.

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Flower scissors*
I use the Japanese flower scissors Okatsune 304*


I used these materials for the winter spring decorations: a spherical glass vase (filled with water), a wreath of vines, several stones for the bottom of the vase, tulips and branches.

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Vase (glass, ball-shaped)*
Wreath of vines*

Instructions | Decorate a vase with tulips

Step 1: Put stones in the water

First I put the stones in the vase.

The stones will later give the tulip stems additional support.

Step 2: Cut the tulips

Now I cut the tulips with the flower scissors.

I remove all the leaves and cut the stems to different lengths. I leave the tulip stems that I want to arrange in the vase longer than the tulips that I put upright at the center of the vase.

Step 3: Arrange the tulips in the ball vase

Now I put the tulips in the glass vase.

I put the stems between the stones and then bend them along the round ball-shaped glass vase.

Step 4: Insert branches and more tulips

Now I put a few branches in the water.

Then, I place more tulips between the branches.

Step 5: Place the vase

Finally, I place the vase in the center of a wreath of vines.

And the decoration is done! I hope you had as much fun with this DIY as I did and that you enjoy the table decoration with a vase and tulips!



Hi, I'm Jenny! I love flowers and easy DIY ideas. If you like my DIYs, have a look at my pins on Pinterest!

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