DIY | Heart Pendant with Dried Roses

Herzanhänger mit getrockneten Rosen selber basteln

In this article, I will show you how to make a heart pendant with dried roses! Roses are one of my favorite flowers and I like to dry them myself so that they last as long as possible. You can make really nice decorations with dried roses, such as a shabby chic rose arrangement or a LED candle decorations with dried roses.

Today, I create a pretty rose heart using dried moss roses, sisal fiber and gypsophila. The heart decoration can also be given as a gift. Whether for a birthday, as a gift, for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, with the heart pendant you can certainly make others happy!

With the following step-by-step instructions you can easily make the heart pendant with dried roses yourself!


Here you can see which tools I used for the rose heart. You will need scissors to cut the craft paper and ribbon, flower scissors to cut the dried flowers, and a needle to poke a hole for the ribbon. You will also need a hot glue gun with hot glue sticks and a pen to draw the heart.

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Household scissors*
Flower scissors*
I use the Japanese flower scissors Okatsune 304*
Hot glue gun*
Hot glue sticks*


I used these materials for the rose heart: Dried roses (I used small moss roses), dried gypsophila, sisal fiber, sturdy craft paper and a decorative ribbon for hanging.

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Dried roses*
Dried gypsophila*
Sisal fiber*
Sturdy craft paper*

Instructions | heart pendants with dried roses

Step 1: Draw a heart on craft paper

In the first step, I draw a heart with a pen on the paper.

Choose the size according to what you want to do with the heart later. A gift tag may be smaller than a wall decoration.

Then I cut out the heart with scissors.

Step 2: Poke a hole in the heart

Now I poke a hole in the heart with the needle so that the ribbon fits through.

Tip: If you use a thick ribbon, simply poke the needle through the cardboard box several times next to each other so that a larger hole is created.

Step 3: Attach ribbon

Now I thread the blue ribbon through the hole.

I knot the ribbon at the heart and also at its end.

Step 4: Glue on the sisal fiber

In the next step I take my hot glue gun and glue some sisal fiber on the heart.

Tip: I glue gradually because the hot glue dries quite quickly. Be careful with your fingers, the glue is hot! You can also use tweezers or something similar to press the sisal fiber down.

Tip: Don’t stick on too much sisal on the heart and make sure that some craft paper remains free. Because the roses will later stick better to the craft paper than to the sisal.

Step 5: Cut dried flowers

I remove the stem so that the dried flowers stay firmly on the heart.

With the flower scissors I cut off the stem of the roses completely.

I also cut off the flowers of the gypsophila with my flower scissors.

Step 6: Glue on roses and gypsophila

Now I simply glue the roses on and between the sisal so that they are evenly distributed on the heart.

Tip: The roses stick best when they are glued to the craft paper and not to the sisal fiber.

I also glue on individual rose petals.

I glue the small flowers of the gypsophila into the remaining gaps.

And the heart pendant with dried roses is ready! I hope you had as much fun with this DIY as I did and delight yourself or others with the heart decoration!

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