Einzelne Rose im Glas dekorieren

In this article, I’m going to show you how to decorate a glass jar with a single rose! Roses are one of my favorite flowers and I love the idea of having them combined with a glass jar. In this DIY, I use a glass jar with a candle insert. I put a red rose between a ball of aluminum wire and stones. This ensures a good grip. The rose in the glass makes a nice table decoration and is also a great gift idea, for example for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day!

With the following step-by-step instructions you can easily make the decoration with a rose in a glass yourself!


Here you can see the tools I used for the decoration: flower scissors and household scissors.

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Flower scissors*
I use the Japanese flower scissors Okatsune here*
Household scissors*


I used these materials for the rose in the glass decoration: a glass jar/vase with a candle holder (filled with water), a candle, a red rose, stones and a thick, flexible aluminum wire, as well as a red ribbon.

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Glass jar with candle holder*
Red Rose*
Aluminium wire (green)*
Red ribbon*

Instructions | Decoration with a single rose in a glass

Step 1: Put stones in the vase

First I put the stones in the glass jar filled with water.

I put as many stones in the jar until the bottom of the jar is covered.

Step 2: Crumple Aluminum Wire

Now I take the green aluminum wire and crumple it up.

Then I put the ball of wire on the stones.

Step 3: Cut the rose

Now I cut the rose with the flower scissors.

I measure the height of the glass jar so that the rose fits under the candle insert.

Step 4: Put the rose in the vase

Now I put the rose in the glass jar. The wire and stones ensure a good grip!

I put the rose through the wire first. I then place the stem between the stones.

Step 5: Attach candle holder

Then I add the candle holder with the candle.

Step 6: Attach tape

In the last step, I cut off a piece of ribbon and tie it around the glass jar.

And the rose in the glass jar is ready! I hope you had as much fun with this DIY as I did and that you enjoy looking at the decoration!

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